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Why should I get my ducts cleaned?

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Because they get dirty

When we "live" in a home, we stir up dust and dirt through our normal activities.

The other factors that increase the need for regular duct cleaning are pets, smoking, occupants with allergies or asthma and doing renovations. Indoor air tends to be more contaminated and unhealthy in comparison to outdoor air due to a lack of cleaning and filtering quality.

A clean system also lowers the chance of costly breakdowns caused by dirt in the system.

How we clean your system

Once arriving at your home we assess the system as a whole and develop a plan for an effective cleaning (every house is a bit different).

We start at each one of the vents, using a combination air pressure and suction,this forces the dirt and dust down a vacuum hose that is putting negative pressure on the entire system. We then continue to air wash the main ducts with the power whip.

With its random pattern and ability to break contaminates loose, it is the most effective method of cleaning duck work. Now that all the ducts are clean we continue on to the furnace or air handler.

It is fully cleaned with compressed air and visually inspected. Dust in the coil or heat exchangers especially today's high efficiency units significantly reduces efficiency and reliability. Now that the system is clean we offer an optional natural sanitizer. The system is started up before we leave to verify operation.

Our methods vs. others

We use the air whip method to clean the vents and ducts. There are many systems on the market with this name. We don't use the brush system since we feel it is too costly for our customers and does not have significant enough benefits to justify the cost. Our high power truck mounted units are built specifically for duct cleaning not a carpet cleaning truck that cleans duct work as well.

We back all of our work up with 24 hour service. We are not just a cleaner but a full heating company able to handle all the needs of your home comfort system.